The Last Rescue (2015) Brett Cullen, Cody Kasch, Gilles Marini, Ryan Merriman Movie Review

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The Last Rescue (2015)

I Doubt It Is

Following D-Day three American soldiers along with two nurses find themselves being taken prisoner when they choose not to walk away from a man on the operating table despite knowing that the enemy are coming. But they don't remain prisoners long when they make a daring attempt to escape and they then find themselves behind enemy lines trying to reach safety but with a high ranking German officer as their prisoner which leads to conflict between them.

There are very few modern war movies which I rate highly as for some reason the majority of these newly created war movies never seem to have any soul. That is the truth when it comes to "The Last Rescue" because on paper this storyline of a couple of nurses and some soldiers behind enemy lines trying to reach safety could have been good. But instead of being an exciting, tense experience full of edge of your seat moments of danger it only every feels like it is going through the motions. Without wanting to sound nasty at times I felt like I was watching a group of WWII re-enactment enthusiasts role playing a storyline that one of them wrote but not being able to bring the depth of character or cinematic touches to make it come alive.

The result of this is that not only is "The Last Rescue" a forgettable piece of movie making but it is also one which fails to grab or hold your attention. In fact about the only time it really caught my attention was during the opening credits and that was because the music sounded quite similar to a piece which is used in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. The thing is that I am no war expert and I am not sure whether this is any better for those who are. I get the feeling that there have been some liberties taken with things as it has a slight rushed feeling about it due to budget constraints.

What this all boils down to is that "The Last Rescue" is another modern attempt at a WWII movie which only ever seems to be going through the motions and never really delivering the emotion of the story or any real characters. Maybe those who are yet to enjoy the character rich war movies of the 50s will enjoy this but for those who have will find this lacking.