The Light Before Christmas (2007) Ruby Chase, Brock Holman, Christopher Robin Miller, Ken Sansom Movie Review

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The Light Before Christmas (2007)

An Old, Warm Light

Katie and Mackean have been sent by their mum to pay The Candleman a visit with his Christmas gift but along the way their light blows out as a snow storm whips up and if it wasn't for The Candleman finding them they could have ended up lost. Having taken them back to his home to dry out their mittens and give them some of his magic Hot Chocolate The Candleman decides to give them a Christmas gift by reading them "The Night Before Christmas".

You see a movie listed on a channel way down the channel list into the realms of where only movie fans fear to tread and you think to yourself is it worth bothering with because what is the chance of this movie down on this lesser known channel being any good. It is how I felt when I saw "The Light Before Christmas" appear on my TV schedule and if it wasn't that I spotted it was a movie short I might not have bothered. I'm glad I did as within minutes "The Light Before Christmas" had me hooked with some stop motion work which took me back to my childhood and reminded me of "Chorlton and the Wheelies" or at least one character’s face did.

Now the thing is that "The Light Before Christmas" is really a children's movie and it has a simple story which will entertain young children as first we meat the children, then The Candleman and then get to watch a stop motion version of "The Night Before Christmas" which features the children. There is plenty of comedy including a mouse but there is also a moral message which is simple to understand and will appeal to parents who end up watching this. But for adults the beauty of the stop motion work is simply a joy from the detailed sets to the characters it is beautiful.

But here is the bonus as when you think "The Light Before Christmas" is over it then gives us a 10 minute look at how stop motion movie making is done with the characters from the movie being our guides and even when you know how stop motion is done it is still fascinating and like the movie a lot of fun.

What this all boils down to is that "The Light Before Christmas" is an absolute joy maybe more for adults than children as the characters, the humour, the moral message and the stop motion work is simply great with a real nostalgic appeal.

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