The Magic Stocking (2015) Bridget Regan, Victor Webster, Iris Quinn, Imogen Tear, Fred Henderson Movie Review

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The Magic Stocking (2015)

A Decorative Christmas Stocking

It's been a few years since her husband passed away leaving her as a single mum to young Hannah (Imogen Tear - My Sweet Audrina) but Lindsey Monroe (Bridget Regan) is coping in her own way. But it means that Lindsey has become shut off from moving on despite her mum Donna (Iris Quinn - The Town That Came A-Courtin') encouraging her to go out with handsome nice guy Scott (Victor Webster - Home for Christmas Day) and also encouraging her to embrace Christmas for the sake of Hannah despite it bringing back memories of her late husband. But after a visit to a craft fair where Hannah is given an old Christmas stocking strange, some might say magical, things start to happen as they keep on finding things inside the stocking which lead to other things happening.

Most Christmas stockings you can buy tend to be two pieces of material stitched together to make it a flat stocking which rests comfortably above a fire place and gives it two sides. The Hallmark Christmas movie "The Magic Stocking" is exactly like one of those Christmas stockings, made up of two story ideas stitched together but not ending up a rounded product, but a flat one which is kind of pretty.

What that means is that on one side of "The Magic Stocking" we have the incredibly familiar storyline of a widowed mum who has devoted herself to surviving as a single mum who ends up being nudged in to dating a handsome local who she finds work for causing her to be involved with a lot more. On the other side of "The Magic Stocking" we have the magical properties of this raggedy old stocking which leads to young Hannah's wishes to start coming true as well as others, such as Lindsey's mum finding a lost Christmas ornament in the stocking. On the subject of Donna, her comical relationship with the mayor is the stitching which holds all this together.

But as I said, like one of those decorative Christmas stockings "The Magic Stocking" is a flat movie because it doesn't do anything you won't already be familiar with. That is not a criticism as what it does it does well with Bridget Regan bringing just a nice amount of stress to the role of Lindsey to make her more than just a beautiful woman adorning the movie like glitter on a stocking. But the end result is a movie which doesn't stand out from the crowd, just sort of blends into the collective crowd of Hallmark Christmas movies.

What this all boils down to is that "The Magic Stocking" is a passable, easy to watch Christmas movie which trades on the sort of familiar themes you often come across in Hallmark Christmas movies. As such if you are fan of Hallmark Christmas movies then this will be a pleasant way to pass some time on a cold December afternoon.

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