The Matrix Revolutions (2003) starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving, Jada Pinkett Smith, Monica Bellucci, Lambert Wilson, Harold Perrineau Jr., Harry J. Lennix, Mary Alice directed by Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski Movie Review

The Matrix Revolutions (2003)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Ann Moss in The Matrix Revolutions

The War Against The Machines

So "The Matrix Revolutions" the third and at present final chapter in "The Matrix" movie series, I say as present as I shall say now that "The Matrix Revolutions" leaves things open, even insinuates, that there could at some point be another one. Whilst "The Matrix Revolutions" is the third movie of "The Matrix" trilogy it is really just part 2 of the sequel carrying on where "The Matrix Reloaded" left off as it brings the trilogy to a sort of close. As such it sets about answering questions left floating not only in "The Matrix Reloaded" but also "The Matrix". Is it any good, honestly it's not great, on a par with "The Matrix Reloaded" as clever storyline is replaced by extended action sequences as well as struggling to generate anything close to thought provoking which the first movie did so well.

With time ticking down Zion is still at threat of destruction from thousands of sentinels tunnelling down to the underground world. As the humans valiantly defend their home, Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) head off in the other direction to the source of The Matrix in the hope that Neo can bring the war to an end in the way only the special one can. But he still has his nemesis Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) to battle as he tries to do the right thing.

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix Revolutions

So as "The Matrix Revolutions" carries on from "The Matrix Reloaded" we still have Zion on the verge of destruction thanks to the sentinels being sent down by the machines, Neo is on his mission to stop it all as he is the only one who can and Morpheous still rubbing his superiors up the wrong way. As such there is absolutely nothing of any thought provoking substance going on, in fact "The Matrix Revolutions" plays more like a generic action movie with a touch of "Star Wars" about it. At the same time it still has the semi-religious undertones to the storyline which fail to give it any depth.

As such the storyline is to be frank disappointing almost plain as romantic elements get thrown in as it almost splits into two storylines. You get the battle on Zion as the sentinels break through with Morpheous heading back on a ship to try and save the day. And whilst all of this is going on Neo and Trinity are heading off in the other direction, to the source, the power of the machines to try and stop the attack from happening, stopping the war and bringing peace.

But the trouble is that the storyline almost seems unimportant as "The Matrix Revolutions" ends up being about the big set pieces, the CGI embellished battle on Zion as the humans fight the sentinels in any way possible and Neo's constant battles with Agent Smith. Yes the action is spectacular, full of excitement and stunning effects, choreographed to give it a wow factor. But they are also over long, becoming the focus of the movie rather than the storyline and as such the wow factor gets lost as battles go on and on and on.

As for the acting, well despite being made at the same time as "The Matrix Reloaded" the acting actually feels weaker and tired this time around. Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves and more importantly their characters Morpheous, Trinity and Neo lack the excitement that we have seen before. Maybe it's down to the familiarity or the fact that the emphasis is on the action sequences rather than the characters and storyline. But they are not helped by the dialogue which borders on the cliche and cheesy as big romantic moments creep in and ruin things.

Sadly I have to say that "The Matrix Revolutions" is actually a disappointing climax to the trilogy because what made "the Matrix" so good has been lost. It started in "The Matrix Reloaded" as the clever storyline and thought provoking concepts were replaced by action and it continues into this movie turning it into just another futuristic action flick. In a strange way I am quite glad that the ending is manufactured in such a way that one day we could get another Matrix movie, it would give them the opportunity to bring closure in a more satisfactory and clever way staying true to the thought provoking nature of the original rather than just relying on action set pieces.

What this all boils down to is that "The Matrix Revolutions" is a disappointment and in my opinion not a great way to end a trilogy which started so brightly. As with "The Matrix Reloaded" the thought provoking nature of the story has been lost as the focus has ended up on futuristic action which unfortunately goes on to long. It is still visually impressive and the trio of Morpheous, Trinity and Neo are still fascinating creations but with dumb dialogue and chaotic action it's less than impressive.