The Mysterious Death of Nina Chereau (1988) starring Maud Adams, Scott Renderer, Alexandra Stewart,László Szabó, Charles Millot, Françoise Brion directed by Dennis Berry Movie Review

The Mysterious Death of Nina Chereau (1988)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Maud Adams in The Mysterious Death of Nina Chereau (1988)

Deadly Boring

10 years earlier Ariel Dubois (Maud Adams) was found guilty of murdering her friend called Nina Chereau and on the orders of the judge was placed in to an asylum for the insane. But now her new psychiatrist Martin (Scott Renderer) begins to doubt her guilt and suspects she has blocked all memories of what happened out of her mind. But when one night Ariel escapes Martin suspects that she will be returning home to confront her mother Suzanne (Alexandra Stewart) who when Martin meets refuses to discuss her daughter. Having a hunch as to where Ariel will be hiding, Martin tracks her down and after a brief moment of romance she has gone again and at the point Martin discovers things are a lot more surreal than he could have ever imagined.

"The Mysterious Death of Nina Chereau" is one of those movies which seem to have been made by watching what worked in other movies and then incorporating it into this one, something I often call a tick box movie as it seems to have worked through a list of elements. As such for the most "The Mysterious Death of Nina Chereau" feels cliche from the psychiatrist who believes a patient is not guilty and sets about helping them through to him falling for her and then the woman escaping. The cliche also extends to the detail and in one scene we see a dead person with a knife sticking out of them and of course the person who discovers them tries to pull the knife out. It makes it a tired movie right from the word go despite giving us an opening scene featuring a dining table sprayed with blood and a body with blood trickling down her legs.

Now in fairness "The Mysterious Death of Nina Chereau" isn't helped by what it is which is a French movie with a couple of English speaking lead actors and then those in supporting roles ending up dubbed or at least that is how it appears. It of course makes it feel unnatural but it also doesn't help that everyone speaks in such a slow manner that at times I swear watching paint dry would be more enthralling.

But the worst thing about all this is the way the story plays out and if fairness it is impossible to predict how this will end because it throws such a huge curve ball that it is ridiculous. In truth by the time the ending arrives the movie has already lost your interest and seems like a complete act of desperation to regain it at the death.

What this all boils down to is that "The Mysterious Death of Nina Chereau" did nothing what so ever for me and found it an incredibly laboured movie which went through a lot of formula before then throwing on a random ending to make you think wow it wasn't predictable.