The Nightmare Nanny (2013) Ashley Scott, Kip Pardue, Mekenna Melvin, Nathan Parsons, Stacy Haiduk Movie Review

The Nightmare Nanny (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ashley Scott in The Nightmare Nanny (2013)

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With business not as great as it could be Annie (Ashley Scott - We've Got Christmas Mail) decides to return to work once they find a nanny for their 3 year old daughter Jenny (Elizabeth Tovey, Mariam Tovey). Despite interviewing several nannies none of them seem right until a woman calling herself Julie (Mekenna Melvin - A Woman Deceived) arrives and seems to be the perfect nanny. But soon Anne becomes concerned as not only does Jenny become too attached to Julie but Julie seems to be overly friendly with Annie's husband, Ben (Kip Pardue - Driven). And then things become a nightmare when Julie and Jenny go missing and Anne discovers the truth about their perfect nanny whose real name is Amber.

I don't usually do this but it has to be said that Ashley Scott, who plays Anne, has the most distracting eyebrows. They grab your attention and something like this shouldn't even matter but in the TV movie "The Nightmare Nanny" Ashley Scott's eyebrows end up being the most memorable thing about it.

Mekenna Melvin in The Nightmare Nanny (2013)

Anyway as to the movie itself, well "The Nightmare Nanny" makes various mistakes which many made for TV movies make and one seriously fatal mistake. That fatal mistake is the opening scenes where we meet Amber and her boyfriend Jake, full of hope on their way to a new life and with a baby on the way and then they are involved in a car crash and they lose the baby. It takes all the suspense out of the movie because in those few scenes we already know that Amber is troubled so when she shows up and takes the place of another nanny at the interviews we can guess where this will lead.

The thing is that whilst this opening scene ruins any attempt at mystery "The Nightmare Nanny" has a few other problems none more so than it then reworks the expected cliches. So we have scenes of Amber pretending to be Julie, flirting with Ben whilst also giving some unsettling stares when no one is looking. There is plenty more including some unsettling moments between Julie and Anne as they have these weird discussions which end up coming across more like staring competitions thanks to the actress's piercing eyes. And then there is a hysterical error where Anne calls her sister in-law and asks her to check on Amber and Jenny.

What this all boils down to is that "The Nightmare Nanny" is not a very good movie and basically works through some standard creepy nanny cliches which have been done a lot better in other movies even in other TV movies. And as such it is unsurprising that it is in this case Ashley Scott's eyebrows which end up dominating the movie.