The Note (2007) Genie Francis, Ted McGinley, Rick Roberts, Genelle Williams, Katie Boland, Maria Ricossa, Jim Codrington Movie Review

The Note (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Genie Francis in The Note (2007)

Lessons from T.

Small town journalist Peyton Macgruder (Genie Francis) finds herself with until Christmas to improve readership on her column or else she will be out of a job. Trouble is that Peyton is beginning to doubt herself as she doesn't have the ruthless nature of other journalists especially as following a tragic plane crash she doesn't want to impose her self on those who are grieving. But after stumbling across a note in a plastic bag addressed purely to T., Peyton believes it was written by one of those who died in the crash and plans to write about trying to find out who it was intended for and giving it to them. And to help she asks her sports journalist friend Kingston Danville (Ted McGinley) for his advice and support. Meanwhile a TV journalist hears of her story and tries to hijack it.

There is no plan but along the way the people we meet guide us on to what next and influence us in our decision making. They are some of the thoughts which came to mind as I watched "The Note" a simple enough movie especially on paper as it seems like this is a mystery movie as we follow Peyton trying to find out who this note was intended for. As it is a made for TV movie we also have some other routine elements such as Peyton and Kingston discovering their friendship is evolving in to some thing more. There is even some humour involving a TV journalist trying to hijack the story. But there is also a further mystery involving Peyton's past

But "The Note" is one of those movies which is less about the mystery, for the most, but about the people who Peyton meets and how the note seems to speak to them even if it wasn't intended for them, how Peyton's own story speaks to them and also how what these people say end up guiding Peyton. For example Peyton's first stop in a small church minister who reads the note and whilst not intended for him reminds him about his own father and their last conversation. And in talking to him Peyton realises how life is precious and we shouldn't waste are time. I could go on but this is a movie which works on the experience and how it talks to you, rather than me telling you how it spoke to me.

What this all boils down to is that "The Note" is one of those Hallmark movies which is mostly about the way it makes you feel and how it makes you think about the preciousness of life. Oh there is more to it than just that, there is the mystery as well as the appeal of Genie Francis and Ted McGinley but this is a movie all about the feel and how it speaks to you.