The Only Boy for Me (2006) Helen Baxendale, Patrick Baladi, Karl Rogers, Anna Carteret, Jack Shepherd Movie Review

The Only Boy for Me (2006)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Helen Baxendale in The Only Boy for Me (2006)

Romantic Waves

Annie (Helen Baxendale) loves her life despite as a single mum she is constantly trying to juggle everything from work to her seven year old son, Charlie (Karl Rogers) and his education. But on a brief respite from family life when she heads to the coast on business she meets the handsome Mack (Patrick Baladi) who she finds on the beach listening to limpets graze. Soon Annie and Mack are romantically involved even though her devotion to Charlie often times gets in the way. But things become complicated when Mack gets offered a job in New York and wants Annie and Charlie to move with him.

"The Only Boy for Me" Whilst adapted from Gil McNeil's 2001 novel of the same name feels like a British studio has taken the sort of romantic comedy you would find on the Hallmark Channel and tried to make a British version. That means that "The Only Boy for Me" is on many ways quite predictable as we have Annie trying to juggle being a single mum whilst being involved with the handsome Mack. That includes of course young Charlie walking in on Annie and Mack getting romantic whilst inevitably a career opportunity arises to provide a speed bump in this blossoming romance.

Patrick Baladi in The Only Boy for Me (2006)

But as I said "The Only Boy for Me" is a British take on this typical romantic comedy as such we have everything from various bedroom scenes to casual swearing and of course children saying what is on their mind, such as when Charlie having walked in on Mack having a bath tells his mum that Mack has a willy and he uses his flannel to wash it. It is kind of amusing, in that British romantic comedy sort of way, but it doesn't quite flow and ends up often feeling awkward, almost like some one has watched other big screen British romantic comedies ad tried to capture that but on a TV movie budget.

What this all boils down to is that Gil McNeil's "The Only Boy for Me" has the potential to be a really funny comedy, unfortunately this TV movie doesn't do it justice and fails to really bring the humour of the storyline to life.