The Perfect Bride (1991) Sammi Davis, Kelly Preston, Linden Ashby, Marilyn Rockafellow, Ashley Tillman, John Agar Movie Review

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Sammi Davis in The Perfect Bride (1991)

The Nightmare Bride

Laura (Kelly Preston - Twins) has never approved of any of her brother, Ted's (Linden Ashby - Mean Girls 2), girlfriends and when he brings home Stephanie (Sammi Davis - The Lair of the White Worm), having proposed to her not long after meeting her, she quickly becomes suspicious. But Laura is the only one and the rest of the family welcome Stephanie in to the family with open arms and think Laura is just being awkward when she starts suggesting that Stephanie is not all that she seems. Taking it upon herself to snoop into Stephanie's background she finds herself ending up in danger unaware that Stephanie has killed before and will kill again.

I go through phases in my life, some times I will enjoy the sugary taste of candy and other times I prefer the sweetness of dried fruit. Candy and dried fruit have nothing to do with "The Perfect Bride", a made for TV thriller back in 1991, but this is the sort of movie that whilst this time when I watched it I found it to be both bad and over the top, I know that on the right day I would have enjoyed the ridiculousness of it all. The thing is that it may not actually be this movie I enjoy the next time because "The Perfect Bride" has one of those generic storylines involving an obsessed woman with a murderous side and another woman who ends up putting herself in danger by snooping.

Kelly Preston in The Perfect Bride (1991)

The main trouble with "The Perfect Bride" is that unfortunately everything about the characters ends up coming across as over the top. That all starts with Sammi Davis whose English accent is too posh and polite making it sound almost comical. But then everyone else in this TV movie seems to be suffering a case of the Ps & Qs which makes them all come across as being awkwardly polite. But then going back to Sammi Davis, the way Stephanie can snap and turn psychotic with the smallest thing setting her off adds to the movie's over the top nature. But then we also have the ridiculousness of when Stephanie turns killer she ends up one of those killers who explains to their victims what they are going to do.

What this all boils down to is that "The Perfect Bride" ends up for me a movie which is both generic and over the top. The thing is that whilst this time when I watched it I found it just a bad movie I know that on the right day I would enjoy this for all which is bad about it especially the over the top nature of the characters.