The Red Blood of Courage (1935) Kermit Maynard, Ann Sheridan, Reginald Barlow, Ben Hendricks Jr. Movie Review

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Ann Sheridan and Kermit Maynard in The Red Blood of Courage (1935)

No Black Gold Here

Mountie Jim Sullivan (Kermit Maynard) arrives in the area as he has got wind of some thing wrong going on. That some thing wrong is to do with Mark Henry's oil rich land as Pete Drago is masquerading as him to get his hands on the land. But first he must deal with Henry's niece Elizabeth as she is part owner and so plans to have her marry his henchman Bart Slager. But Slager has plans of his own and is prepared to kill to get everything for himself.

Having only started appearing in movies the year before "The Red Blood of Courage" was Ann Sheridan's 26th movie, I don't think some stars of TV shows make that many episodes in just a year. Anyway, I mention Ann Sheridan as her appearance in "The Red Blood of Courage" is its most notable thing about this old b-western. That may sound a little disparaging when in truth it isn't but "The Red Blood of Courage" is just a routine 1935 factory line western with nice guy Kermit Maynard playing the good guy who is masquerading as a bad guy to catch some other bad guys. Yes it is generic as that and as always it astonishes me that these old westerns, with their rough editing were so popular.

What this all boils down to is that "The Red Blood of Courage" is just another one of those old westerns which now is most notable for an early appearance of actress Ann Sheridan rather than for being a Kermit Maynard movie.