The Stag (2013) Andrew Scott, Hugh O'Conor, Peter McDonald, Brian Gleeson, Michael Legge Movie Review

The Stag (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

The Stag (2013)

The Irish Bachelor

Fionnan (Hugh O'Conor) is about to get married to Ruth (Amy Huberman) who concerned that Fionnan is more interested in the details of the wedding than mourning the end of his bachelor days convinces his best friend Davin (Andrew Scott) to take him on a stag weekend camping in the hills. There is but one small little issue, Ruth wants them to take her brother, known as 'The Machine' (Peter McDonald), with them and 'The Machine' is full on and plans to make sure Fionnan has one hell of a stag weekend.

So we have an incident packed stag weekend between a varied bunch of characters from the alpha male with a bullying side to one who is academic. But we are not talking the outlandish nightmare of say "The Hangover" but one which tries to have some depth from the various characters getting to know and accept each other, growing in their company. On paper that sounds like a good idea but the finished product as a whole just doesn't quite click.

The thing about "The Stag" is that whilst it has its moments be it moments of humour or moments of depth it just doesn't find the consistency. It simply makes it one of those movies which hits you with something meaningful or funny but then drifts till it comes up with the next one. The sad thing is that when it does deliver one of those moments, especially when it is trying to be funny it usually is with a juvenile sense of humour but yet not full on crude.

What this all boils down to is that "The Stag" ends up one of those movies which whilst worth a watch doesn't achieve the consistent humour and depth it needs to be memorable or even a movie you think you need to watch again.