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Lacey Chabert in The Sweetest Christmas (2017)

Chabert's Christmas Treat

Pastry chef Kylie Watson (Lacey Chabert - All of My Heart: Inn Love) hopes things are going to go her way with a bakery she wants to open and also with her boyfriend Alex (Lane Edwards - Signed, Sealed, Delivered: One in a Million). But a romantic dinner doesn't turn out how she expected with Kylie deciding to call it a day with Alex and her business plans going awry as she can't get a bank loan. At least she makes it to the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition, except when her oven breaks down she is need of a miracle. That miracle happens to be single dad Nick (Lea Coco) who Kylie dated back in school and who now runs a restaurant in town. Whilst spending time with Nick and using his kitchen leads them to becoming close her chance at winning the competition and the much needed money for her business is put in jeopardy by Alex who wants to prove how much he loves her.

There are certain actors and actresses who seem a perfect fit for Hallmark movies and Lacey Chabert is one of those actresses. Now Chabert is a talented actress, watching any of her other more serious movies will show you this, but when it comes to Hallmark movies she effortlessly delivers the adorable cuteness and warmth which a Hallmark character calls for to the point that when you see that Lacey Chabert is making a Hallmark movie it is some thing to look forwards to. That is especially true when the movie in question is a Christmas movie as Lacey Chabert surrounded by the sort of Christmas decorations you see in Hallmark Christmas movies is a match made in heaven. As such "The Sweetest Christmas" wins before it even starts because of this being a Hallmark Christmas movie starring Lacey Chabert.

Now beyond the effortless charm of Lacey Chabert what you get in "The Sweetest Christmas" is mostly a play on what you usually get from a Hallmark Christmas movie. As such we have the young woman who in this case loves cooking, we have the career focused boyfriend who isn't right for her as well as a single dad and of course plenty of typical Christmas fun such as snowball fights. But there are some nice variations on the routine such as Nick not being a widow but a divorced dad, there is a best friend who looks out for Nick and we have Alex who can see that Kylie is keen on Nick and plans a grand gesture to win her back. These little changes makes "The Sweetest Christmas" a little more smile worthy whilst delivering what you usually get.

What this all boils down to is that "The Sweetest Christmas" delivers what you expect from a Hallmark Christmas movie which means there are plenty of cliches. But before this movie even starts it is on to a winner due to this being that perfect combination of it being a Hallmark Christmas movie starring Lacey Chabert.

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