The Trainer (2013) Sunny Mabrey, Chelsea Hobbs, Britt Irvin, Levi James, Lane Edwards, Mackenzie Gray, Fulvio Cecere Movie Review

The Trainer (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sunny Mabrey in The Trainer (2013)

A Killer Workout

Between running into her ex and missing out on a promotion at work, despite having worked hard, things are starting to eat away at Annie (Chelsea Hobbs - Confessions of a Go-Go Girl). Feeling down she decides to go to the gym only to realise she hasn't got a clue about working out and using the equipment. It is how she ends up signing on to work with Alex Sullivan (Sunny Mabrey - Escaping Dad), a personal trainer who promises to make her fit and lose 10lb. But after a few tough sessions Annie begins to have doubts about Alex as not only do people begin to go missing but she seems to be forcing herself in to her life.

Excuse me for saying this but at least both Sunny Mabrey and Chelsea Hobbs are attractive. That may sound like a shallow, sexist comment but "The Trainer" is simply a routine made for TV movie involving one woman who shows she is a complete psycho when she forces herself in to a clients life and then turns nasty when things don't go her way. That is it and as such what you get in "The Trainer" is a lot of Sunny Mabrey glaring and saying things in that way where she seems nice as pie but you know is being threatening. Oh and what we also get to see is Alex eliminating anyone who gets in the way or could cause problems. I really want to say there is more to it than this but there simply isn't and as such "The Trainer" offers up nothing new for TV movie fans.

Now in fairness if I hadn't watched more TV movies than most people watch in a lifetime I might actually find some of "The Trainer" entertaining. Whilst none of the camera work or direction in the movie is ground breaking there are some semi stylish scenes. You also get a sense that Annie feels frightened as no one seems to be able to help her and thinks she is making some things up. But again none of this is new and pretty much every idea in "The Trainer" reminded me of some thing I had seen in another TV movie.

What this all boils down to is that "The Trainer" is one of those made for TV movies which does nothing more than recycles ideas you will have come across in a dozen or more other made for TV movies. Sadly the main appeal of "The Trainer" is that both Sunny Mabrey and Chelsea Hobbs are attractive.