The Vault of Horror (1973) starring Daniel Massey, Anna Massey, Terry-Thomas, Glynis Johns, Tom Baker directed by Roy Ward Baker Movie Review

The Vault of Horror (1973)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Terry-Thomas and Glynis Johns in The Vault of Horror (1973)

An Anthology of Mystical Insanity & Vampires

Five men, all of whom are strangers, end up in a lift together heading to the ground floor. Except the lift doesn't stop and they find themselves in a lower vault which looks like some sort of secret social club with drinks laid out and comfy chairs. With no way out the men sit around and start discussing their nightmares which range from encounters with vampires to Indian mysticism as well as a wife pushed to the limit. But the men soon come to expect that it is no coincidence that they have ended up in the vault together.

There isn't a huge amount that can be said about "The Vault of Horror" as we have a horror anthology which means five mini horror stories all of which are quite fun but nothing special as the confines of course roughly 15 minutes limits a story's potential. Of course there is also the mystery as to why these 5 men have been taken down to the vault but that is only a slim add on layer.

The thing is that whilst these mini horror stories are nothing special they will make you smile such as Rogers' tale where he is trying to track down his sister so he can kill her and get all the inheritance only to end up in a restaurant for vampires. Not only is it amusing that real life siblings Daniel and Anna Massey star as on screen siblings but the representation of vampires with fangs over hanging the lower lips is hysterical. But the best one of these stories for me sees Glynis Johns starring as a house wife whose obsessively organized and demanding husband, played by Terry-Thomas, pushes her over the edge as his tirades on order and his expectations of her to follow his orders drives her insane.

What this all boils down to is that "The Vault of Horror" is an enjoyable collection of mini horror stories with some more effective than others. What is worth knowing is that some versions of "The Vault of Horror" which you can get on DVD are edited with some of the more horrific scenes edited out.

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