The Wedding March (2016) Josie Bissett, Jack Wagner, Emily Tennant, Cameron Bancroft, Sarah Grey, Aaron Pearl Movie Review

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Jack Wagner in The Wedding March (2016)

A Sweetheart's Wedding

Realtor Olivia (Josie Bissett - Paper Angels) is about to get married for the second time, this time to fellow realtor Josh (Cameron Bancroft - The Town That Came A-Courtin') and her daughter Grace (Emily Tennant - Driven Underground) is busy trying to make it special having booked a remote guest house as the location. It turns out that the owner of the guest house is Mick (Jack Wagner - My Gal Sunday) a widower and singer who reluctantly has been booked by his daughter Julie (Sarah Grey - A Mother's Instinct) to sing at Olivia's wedding. But more importantly he and Olivia were first loves and now reunited just before Olivia's wedding confuses matters as old feelings are rekindled.

First things first and I enjoyed "The Wedding March" as it had some fun ideas, fun characters but also some cliches to keep this grounded as a Hallmark Channel movie, which is code for not in the least bit taxing. I know it is used often but the whole running in to your first love storyline always has plenty of scope to have antagonism and romance which is what you get in "The Wedding March". But on top of this we have some interesting extra elements such as Olivia and Mick's daughters getting on really well and ending up trying to help each other as Grace isn't over keen on going in to the realtor business whilst Julie knows her father is planning on selling the guest house.

Josie Bissett in The Wedding March (2016)

But "The Wedding March" has a major issue when it comes to the casting. Now all the actors are likeable with Aaron Pearl, Emily Tennant and Sarah Grey all bringing warmth to their roles whilst Cameron Bancroft gives us an enjoyable but stereotypical career focused boyfriend wrapped up in the job rather than Olivia. And then you come to Josie Bissett and Jack Wagner who each play their parts well and are incredibly likeable but unfortunately there is one un-ignorable problem. Supposedly Olivia and Mick were college sweethearts but Wagner who in real life is 11 years older than Bissett looks older and it constantly stretches you to accept that they were college sweethearts.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wedding March" is a very pleasant and typical Hallmark movie which for the most will charm those who look forwards to when ever Hallmark have a new movie to air. But the obvious age difference between Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett is impossible to ignore thanks to the characters having meant to be college sweethearts.