The Wedding Video (2012) starring Rufus Hound, Lucy Punch, Robert Webb, Miriam Margolyes, Harriet Walter directed by Nigel Cole Movie Review

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Rufus Hound in The Wedding Video (2012)

The Best Man's Video

Having spent the last few years travelling around the world Raif (Rufus Hound) is returning home to be the best man at his brother Tim's (Robert Webb) wedding. Much to his surprise Tim is marrying Saskia (Lucy Punch) as not only has her family become rich and a member of the upper class Cheshire set but he remembers knocking about with Saskia as a teen when she is was a wild child. Having decided as a gift to Tim and Saskia he would not only video their wedding day but also the lead up to it, a behind the scenes wedding video, it becomes clear that all those involved in the wedding maybe doing so for the wrong reasons.

Let me tell you what "The Wedding Video" should be about; it should be about the arrival of Raif being the catalyst for wedding mayhem as feelings come to the surface be it Tim beginning to doubt whether he wants to marry Saskia through to Sakia's mum determined to have the best wedding of the year amongst the Cheshire set. And this side of the movie is a lot of fun although it is also pretty predicable as certain things expectedly happen when it comes to the main characters.

Robert Webb and Lucy Punch in The Wedding Video (2012)

But what is more entertaining is the constant mickey taking when it comes to weddings as a whole. We have a hilarious scene involving a young woman having already booked all her wedding stuff years in advance despite not having a boyfriend; we have the comical scenes of dance rehearsals with Tim being the typically awkward English man with no rhythm. And there is a hilarious scene featuring another wedding and a terrible Titanic recreation scene. And there is a whole lot more as "The Wedding Video" is jam packed full of set piece comedy.

All of the above makes "The Wedding Video" plenty of fun as do the performances with Lucy Punch and Robert Webb working brilliantly together with a similar semi awkward style. But the star of the movie is Rufus Hound who basically comes across like he does in everything which is full of energy, always seeing the funny side and basically always on the verge of pushing things too far but never doing so intentionally. It is a wonderful performance from Hound who steals many a scene but it makes the movie as it definitely needs his energy and even his bare backside.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wedding Video" is simply a lot of fun, taking something familiar and breathing life into it through the perfect casting with Rufus Hound making the movie with his energy and that mischievous glint in his eye.