The Wrong Daughter (2018) (aka: My Evil Daughter: Love Me or Else) April Bowlby, Sydney Sweeney, Cindy Busby, Kelsey Griswold, Gina Hiraizumi, Tom Berklund, Lisa Canning, Jeanette O'Connor, Perry Laylon Ojeda, Jesse Pepe, Sierra Pond Movie Review

The Wrong Daughter (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Cindy Busby in The Wrong Daughter (2018) (aka: My Evil Daughter: Love Me or Else)

A Long Lost Daughter

Samantha (Sydney Sweeney - Spiders 3D) has bounced from one foster home to another, always returning back to the Safe Harbor Group Home when things didn't work out. But after breaking the home's rules yet again, and having turned 18, she finds herself thrown out. Kate (Cindy Busby - Betting on the Bride) and her husband, Joseph (Jon Prescott - Sharing Christmas), are hopeful that the latest IVF treatment has worked as they are desperate to have a family, but are given bad news. It leads to them having to consider alternatives such as adoption. But they also have the option of tracking down the daughter, Danica (Sierra Pond - Mommy Be Mine), that Kate had when she was young and that she put up for adoption. When they think they have found Danica on a social network they welcome her in to their home, unaware that it is Samantha who has entered their lives having met the real Danica at the foster home.

Well I think we get to the 30 minute mark before "The Wrong Daughter", which is also known as "My Evil Daughter: Love Me or Else", makes everything obvious. We quickly discover that Samantha has a volatile nature and will happily hurt people to get her way. We realise Kate and Joseph are desperate to have a family and to do what is right. Whilst we also have the real Danica who lives at the group home and is friends with Samantha. So we watch as the volatile and demanding Sam, pretending to be Danica, gets evil, gets manipulative and causes others to be suspicious of her. Do I need to go on when it comes to how "The Wrong Daughter" plays out, oh yeah there is danger as well.

Sydney Sweeney in The Wrong Daughter (2018) (aka: My Evil Daughter: Love Me or Else)

What makes "The Wrong Daughter" work is the clever casting as on one hand you have Cindy Busby who is incredibly bubbly and full of energy as Kate. But then on the other you have Sydney Sweeney as Samantha who delivers on the characters split personality and evil nature with her being extremely volatile. It works well and draws you in to what is to be honest a routine made for TV movie and by routine I mean the sort of movie with that mix of dialogue and characters which don't always ring true.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Daughter" is a straight down the middle, routine made for TV movie involving a troubled character with a seriously dangerous side.