The Wrong House (2016) (aka: Dream House, Nightmare Neighbour) Clare Kramer, Tilky Jones, Allison McAtee, Thomas Calabro, Jim O'Heir, Carolyn Hennesy, Keiko Agena, Ashlyn Jade Lopez, Scott Atkinson Movie Review

The Wrong House (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Clare Kramer, Tilky Jones and Ashlyn Jade Lopez  in The Wrong House (2016) (aka: Dream House, Nightmare Neighbour)

The Wrong Side of Ordinary

When the opportunity arises to move from their apartment in New York City to a house in the suburbs, Rebecca (Clare Kramer - Bring It On) and Brian (Tilky Jones - Open Marriage), along with their daughter, jump at the chance. And it seems to be a lovely, friendly neighbourhood where they all know each other and have each other around for dinner. But not long after moving in they become aware of some strange things going on in their home from food being delivered they never ordered to an exterminator showing up out of the blue, and then there is the rock which gets thrown through a window. As they begin to fear for their own safety what they don't realise is that Kathleen Strickland (Allison McAtee - Elevator Girl), a personal trainer from the area, is the one behind all the weirdness and is in fact stalking them.

Two things we learn very quickly when it comes to "The Wrong House", also known as "Dream House, Nightmare Neighbour", firstly is that this movie is inspired by a true story, the other is that Kathleen Strickland is the person to blame for everything and she is already seeing a therapist. What this means is that "The Wrong House" ends up all about how psychotic is Kathleen going to get and why is she behaving like this in the first place? The clue may come when we hear an older resident comment on how Kathleen looks familiar.

Allison McAtee in The Wrong House (2016) (aka: Dream House, Nightmare Neighbour)

The trouble is that even though "The Wrong House" is inspired by a true story it simply fails to bring that story, or the relatively generic story that the writers comes up with, too life. You never get connected to Rebecca or Brian, you never get a sense there is any escalating danger, to put it bluntly this movie fails to make you care. Much of that comes down to the writing which is sadly generic at best but the dialogue is weak and the acting feels more like the cast were acting up rather than anything else.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong House" ends up sadly a wrong movie, failing to do a true story it was inspired by justice and ending up only ever on the wrong side of ordinary.