The Wrong Roommate (2016) Jessica Morris, Jason-Shane Scott, Vivica A. Fox, Dominique Swain, Eric Roberts, William McNamara Movie Review

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The Wrong Roommate (2016)

So Wrong it's Right

After breaking up with her cheating ex, Laurie (Jessica Morris - Santa's Summer House) is starting over with help from best friend Janice (Dominique Swain - A Christmas Promise) who arranges for her to work at the college where her former tutor Professor Floyd (Eric Roberts) works. She also finds herself moving into her sister's impressive home to look after her teenage niece, Ricki (Brianna Joy Chomer), whilst her sister and brother-in-law are away. It is where she meets Alan (Jason-Shane Scott - Christmas Land), the handsome artist who has rented the guest house for the summer and who seems perfect. But with her ex hanging around, as he hopes to win Laurie back, strange things start to happen in her life.

I am convinced that those who make TV movies have now reached the point that they expect their audience to be familiar with the genre and intentionally play on that familiarity. Take "The Wrong Roommate", it features Eric Roberts as a Professor and anyone who has watched Eric Roberts in other TV movies will know that he often plays a bad guy. As such the minute you see him you half expect his character to have a dark side. And through out "The Wrong Roommate" we get fed all sorts of cliche's from hunky Alan being not all he seems, using a hidden camera no less to spy on Laurie, to her cheating ex showing up when ever he wants.

As such "The Wrong Roommate" quickly becomes one of those movies where you are pretty sure you can see where it is leading with some characters ending up connected but you also end up doubting yourself due to its obviousness. But this is heightened by the acting because it seems like Jessica Morris, Jason-Shane Scott and pretty much everyone has been told to play their parts in a semi obvious manner. If that is the case it is a stroke of genius from director David DeCoteau because it makes "The Wrong Roommate" more entertaining than your normal made for TV movie. Considering DeCoteau directed the ridiculously bad "The Brotherhood III", and some other rather unique movies, his direction of this is actually pretty decent.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Roommate" ends up surprisingly entertaining but more because it plays on being obvious than for being original. And for those who are more interested in the looks of the cast this features them in the sun and in swimwear, a lot.