The Wrong Woman (2013) Danica McKellar, Carter MacIntyre, Jonathan Bennett, Dina Meyer Movie Review

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Danica McKellar in The Wrong Woman (2013)

The Right Woman Picked the Wrong Man

Dental assistant and mother of one, Ellen Plainview (Danica McKellar - Search for Justice) has been secretly taking pole dancing lessons as her marriage to her husband, Mike (Carter MacIntyre), has grown a bit stale, especially as he works weird hours as a cop. But the secret lessons causes an issue when two detectives knock at her door and take her in for questioning as there was an attempted murder in the parking lot where she parked her car and she is now the main suspect. Confused and scared, Ellen not only finds herself thrown into prison but no one comes to bail her out. What Ellen doesn't know is that not only had Mike been having an affair with the victim behind her back but he has now cleared off with their daughter, poisoning her mind against her mum, leaving Ellen to get tough and save herself from the mess she is in.

Firstly there are many reviews out there which reference Alfred Hitchcock's "The Wrong Man" when talking about "The Wrong Woman" and the only thing I can say is that Hitchcock must be tossing in his grave. Not only is this an incredibly weak thriller but it doesn't compare to Hitchcock's movie at all. I had to get that off my chest because not only is it an insult to Hitchcock but it falsely raises the hopes of those who stumble across "The Wrong Woman" unaware what modern made for TV thrillers consist of.

Jonathan Bennett in The Wrong Woman (2013)

So what do we get in "The Wrong Woman"; well unfortunately an obvious story made all the more obvious by a complete lack of subtlety. As such from early on we can guess that Mike is not the innocent husband we would hope, we can guess an encounter with a traffic cop will end up being significant and basically anything important in "The Wrong Woman" is overly focused upon so it is like being smashed around the head with a big bag of clues. I suppose for a casual movie fan who recognized the name Danica McKellar from "The Wonder Years" may find this movie entertaining but for major movie fans "The Wrong Woman" is going to be hard work.

That brings be to Danica McKellar as Ellen who if she had been blonde I might have said of the character she starts the movie as a dumb blonde, the overly smiley sort of happy housewife who is really annoying. Now there is a purpose for this as almost every man in this movie is a sexist, patronising pig because as much as "The Wrong Woman" is about Ellen proving her innocence it is about her transformation from being overly bubbly and nice to a tough woman responsible for her own life.

What this all boils down to is that I am sure there is an audience for "The Wrong Woman" but I am not in that specific group. Oh it is passable and on par with many a modern made for TV movie but it is certainly not comparable to Hitchcock and will be a disappointment to anyone who is lured in to watching thanks to those who suggest it is a version of Hitchcock's "The Wrong Man".