95ers: Time Runners (2013) starring Alesandra Durham, Joel Bishop, Terence Goodman, Ian Paul Freeth directed by Thomas Gomez Durham Movie Review

95ers: Time Runners (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Alesandra Durham in 95ers: Time Runners (2013)

Rewind Time to Understand

When Sally (Alesandra Durham) was young she discovered that she had the strange ability to bend time, to rewind and redo the past few seconds of her life which means she can be an expert at anything. It makes her very popular in her career as a Special Agent but it also means she has to get use to some very weird things going on around her such as the disappearance of her scientist husband Horatio. There are also the sudden appearances of people who not only seem to be aware of her special gift but also want her dead.

I wrote the following couple lines as I watched "95ers: Time Runners" and was about 30 minutes into the movie: I have no idea what is going on as we have this character Sally who one minute is carol singing with blonde hair next she is pregnant with dark hair, one minute there is her bloke Horatio the next minute there isn't. There is also what appears to be an amateur dramatics group rehearsing "A Christmas Carol", some weird footage of unexplained things such as a flag blowing the opposite way to other flags plus these strange observers who look like they are from another planet.

The above seems incoherent, a muddle of story ideas which seem completely random and there is no doubt that they are but it is the complete randomness that draws you in because it challenges you to make sense of it all. And here is the kicker as if you do keep watching the randomness eventually ties together in an entertaining manner. But at times this set up seems to be too clever for its own good because by being too fractured it is demanding and if you are not in the mood to be paying close attention to a movie then it could be hard work.

But the story is not the only impressive thing about "95ers: Time Runners" as this isn't some big budget production but was a bit of a family affair with three Durham's involved in the production, a production which from what I have read almost bankrupted husband and wife Thomas and Alesandra Durham. What these people have achieved on a relatively small budget is impressive with decent camera word, nice special effects and some decent acting.

What this all boils down to is that "95ers: Time Runners" is impressive but also hard work and not something easy to fully comprehend in just one sitting. But considering this is movie making on an independent budget it is very good and would happily watch another movie from the Durham's, hopefully one a little bit easier to comprehend in just one go.