Tomorrow We Live (1943) starring John Clements, Godfrey Tearle, Hugh Sinclair, Greta Gynt, Judy Kelly directed by George King Movie Review

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John Clements and Judy Kelly in Tomorrow We Live (1943)

Tomorrow's Another Propaganda Day

As the Nazis set about capturing anyone in the resistance they rely on the help of Mayor Pierre Duchesne (Godfrey Tearle) and his daughter Marie (Greta Gynt) to help. What the Germans nor the people of the village where they live realise is that Pierre and Marie are in the resistance. When Jean Baptiste (John Clements) shows up in the village and in danger as he has no papers Marie not only saves him but he ends up becoming involved with the resistance helping to smuggled Allied airmen across the sea to England.

I would love to meet someone who remembers watching "Tomorrow We Live" back in 1943 as I would love to know how it came across whilst the war was going on. I say that because watching "Tomorrow We Live" now more than 70 years after its release it only ends up as another propaganda movie which focuses on the work of those in the resistance in Europe during the Second World War. We see how various people put themselves in danger, others act as double agents, pretending to aid the enemy when in truth they were aiding the Allies and having to even lie to those they are close to. And sadly that makes it all remarkably ordinary as it fails to stand out from the numerous other propaganda movies made at this time.

Part of the trouble with "Tomorrow We Live" is that the acting is formal and it is devoid of character and that leads to it becoming forgettable. It sadly becomes a case that the young female actresses Greta Gynt and Judy Kelly end up grabbing your attention because of their looks rather than anything with only Yvonne Arnaud coming close to delivering an engaging character.

What this all boils down to is that "Tomorrow We Live" is sadly just another propaganda movie about the work of the resistance in Europe during WWII which unfortunately lacks anything to make it stand out from the crowd.