Tooth (2004) Harry Enfield, Maisie Preston, Phyllida Law, Richard E. Grant Movie Review

Tooth (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Harry Enfield in Tooth (2004)

Away With the Fairies

Fairytopia is where tooth fairies live and it use to be a magical place but the magic disappeared and young Tooth (Yasmin Paige) has had enough, so decides to rock the boat. How she does this is by giving all the money away, placing it under the pillow of a young child who has recently lost a tooth and whose family are in financial trouble. But with Christmas just two days away it puts Fairytopia in a state of turmoil and Tooth with the help of the children must find Mrs. Claus who went missing a century earlier. Trouble is there are some fairy hunters after them.

Let me get to what is good about "Tooth" and that simply comes down to the number of famous faces who somehow appear in this children's movie. Now there are the recognizable such as Harry Enfield, Vinnie Jones and Sally Phillips, then there are those you recognize but might struggle to name such as Timothy Dutton and Anna Wing, who for many will always be best known as Lou Beale from Eastenders. And on top of that there are some actors who just provide voices such as Jim Broadbent as The Rabbit. It is a case of star spotting, predominantly British star spotting, which makes "Tooth" almost watchable.

Yes you read that right as I said "Tooth" was almost watchable. Now of course I am saying that as a grown up and who this movie was clearly not made for but be warned if you are a teen or older I have a distinct feeling you will question how this movie ever got made as it such ends up a random collection of things that an explosion in a printers could result in something more coherent. But for young children the comedy of children waking up with tons of money under their pillows, buying gold clothes and then going on an adventure to find Mrs. Claus whilst mysterious agency men track them down might entertain in a random nonsense cake firing in to the air sort of way.

What this all boils down to is that "Tooth" was a huge miss for me and pretty much a huge mess. But maybe for under tens this collection of random nonsense might be a little more entertaining.