Triangle (2009) Melissa George, Joshua McIvor, Jack Taylor, Michael Dorman, Liam Hemsworth Movie Review

Triangle (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Melissa George in Triangle (2009)

Looping Hell

Jess (Melissa George), after waking up confused, is picked up by Victor (Liam Hemsworth) to go sailing with their friends on the yacht "Triangle". Out at sea they get caught in a huge storm, too big for the yacht which ends up turning over. Fortunately a cruise ship comes to their rescue and they manage to climb aboard. But strangely this big ocean going liner seems to be empty, all but a few drops of blood here and there whilst Jess gets a very uneasy feeling about being there.

Spoiler alert, big fat old spoiler alert so if you don't want to know any of the details when it comes to "Triangle" vacate this review now, I repeat vacate this review now.... Still here? Right, so "Triangle" wants to be one of those didn't see that coming movies, one of those movies which when it ends and all is revealed leaves you gob smacked that you didn't see the clues and it seems for many it works that way. Unfortunately for me it didn't work like that and before a reveal half way through I had worked out what was going on, that may be down to having watched more movies than some but still if you are observant the clues are there.

Liam Hemsworth in Triangle (2009)

So what am on about? Well right from the word go the whole movie focuses on Jess being in a weird mood, a not completely with it mood as if everything around her was familiar but not making sense. This is built on when they end up on the big cruise ship as she is nervous about going aboard what is somehow familiar to her as if she has been aboard before. And then we get what seems to be insights/premonitions as Jess starts to get glimpses of horrors to come as someone seems to be hunting them down. And then, eventually Jess wakes up back at home in the same spot the movie starts and she finds herself right back at the start of a hellish groundhog day. This spoiler was pretty obvious to me but as I said some people didn't spot it and were blown away by it.

Having said that I suspect there are some who have rated "Triangle" highly more down to it featuring a short haired Liam Hemsworth walking around in shorts and a sleeveless shirt the whole time. In fairness Hemsworth plays his supporting role well whilst Melissa George does her best to infuse Jess with intrigue and mystery but none of the acting is memorable and for me the characters ended up lacking depth.

Now I have to mention something else as I read more than once that "Triangle" tries to bring a bit of "The Shining" to things and yes Christopher Smith certainly delivers on some powerful visuals making great use of the repeated nature of corridors in the cruise ship to great effect. But trust me when I say that is it and just because a movie features writing on mirrors and an axe does not mean it is influenced by "The Shining".

What this all boils down to is that "Triangle" is a good movie but not a great movie, well depending on how observant you are. But if you want to watch a movie which at least tries to be intriguing then give it a go as I have to give it credit for trying especially with some of the visuals.