Trigger Tom (1935) Tom Tyler, Al St. John, William Gould, John Elliott, Bernadene Hayes Movie Review

Trigger Tom (1935)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Tom Tyler in Trigger Tom (1935)

Trigger's Cattle Empire

'Trigger' Tom Hunter (Tom Tyler) and Stub Macey (Al St. John) are heading over the Blue Mountains to go but and cattle from the Nord Jergensen's (John Elliott) ranch. It is a movie which doesn't go down well with Mose Jeckyl (William Gould) and 'Sheriff' Slater (Hal Taliaferro) as they control the local cattle market and the last thing they want is a stranger to the territory paying their own prices for cattle rather than those set by them.

Could you imagine it now if one week you went to the cinema and watched a movie about a corrupt lawman controlling small business, then the next you watched a different actor in a similar movie and the following week it was the same again but with another star in the lead role. It is how I some times imagine it must have been like if you were a western fan back in the 1930s and 1940s as one movie after another with similar storylines were banded around between the western stars of the era, sometimes with the same supporting cast shifting along with the storyline.

And that is how "Trigger Tom" comes across as whilst this stars Tom Tyler as are cowboy hat wearing hero, a nig cowboy hat at that, the rest of the movie is pretty typical as he is the stranger in town whilst having to deal with those who want to prevent him from doing what he is there for. In fact there is even Al St. John in a side kick role although it has to be said that St. John looks a bit different to how he normally looked in the following years.

What this all boils down to is that "Trigger Tom" is nothing special and just a typical older western. In fact the only thing which stands out as different is that this stars Tom Tyler rather than one of the usual crowd of leading men.