Truth or Dare (2012) (aka: Truth or Die) Movie Review

Truth or Dare (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Truth or Dare (2012)

Spin the Bottle of Death

It's the end of term and a group of friends from university are letting their hair down with a party. But for the slightly awkward Felix (Tom Kane - Cherry Tree Lane) it is a night he will never forget when they start playing truth or dare and he is humiliated by his friends over his secret crush. A year later and the friends are invited to Felix's birthday party at a remote stately home. Except when they get there these friends not only discover that they are the only ones invited but it is taking place in a cabin in the woods where they are met by Justin (David Oakes - Love by Design) who says he is Felix's older brother. But that is where the nightmare starts as these friends discover they are there to play truth or dare which if they take the dare they could end up dying.

I can keep this brief because "Truth or Dare", or "Truth or Die" as it is also known, serves up that familiar storyline where a group of teenagers/ young adults who humiliated someone find them selves becoming victims of a nefarious plan to get revenge. It is a sadly familiar theme and in the case of "Truth or Dare" goes down the graphic torture route as these friends find themselves put through the wringer but not by Felix but by his charming older brother Justin who tells them Felix committed suicide. Of course you question whether he really did and so whilst some people may watch to see how violent and graphic "Truth or Dare" will become others will watch to see what the inevitable twist to all this will be.

Now I will be honest I had low expectations of "Truth or Dare" as sadly so many British horror movies lack a certain attention to detail which leaves them short on style and frequently lacking in atmosphere. The good news is that this doesn't lack in style or detail with director Robert Heath and cinematographer James Friend delivering a good looking movie with nice colour tones, image quality and use of music to create some atmosphere. Okay so trust me after you have watched it once you won't feel the burning desire to watch it again but you won't find yourself disappointed or feel like you have wasted 95 minutes of your life.

What this all boils down to is that "Truth or Dare" isn't anything special but by being a standard, in your face revenge movie with a twist it is surprisingly entertaining. Much of that is down to it not ending up the low budget amateur production so many British horror movies end up rather than for being anything out of the ordinary.