Turbulence (2016) (aka: Flight 192 | Deadly Departure) Dina Meyer, Victoria Pratt, Justin Johnson, Kevin Interdonato, Nick Baillie, Cole Carter, Brent A. McCoy Movie Review

Turbulence (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Dina Meyer in Turbulence (2016) (aka: Flight 192 | Deadly Departure)

Stranger on a Plane

When Senator Johnson (Brent A. McCoy) murders a young woman on the beach the FBI finally have the proof to bring the corrupt official to justice thanks to some CCTC footage. For agent Sarah Plummer (Dina Meyer - Truth & Lies) that means a trip to Washington and missing out on her son's last baseball game of the series. But on the flight Sarah finds herself sitting next to Michelle Taylor (Victoria Pratt - Patient Killer) who is there to force her to wipe the CCTV footage off of the FBI server. And to do that Michelle has her partner in crime, Cameron (Justin Johnson), holding Sarah's son and husband hostage in their own home.

As Lifetime movies go "Turbulence", which is also known as "Flight 192" and also "Deadly Departure", is a bit of a pleasant surprise as it wasn't just a routine woman ending up in danger after witnessing a crime and investigating it storyline. Yes you can see with the scenario of a woman stuck on a plane dealing with her own family being held hostage it kind of draws on a few recent big screen movies, like so many of these made for TV movies do, but it is still strangely entertaining, well more entertaining than many of these TV movies are.

Victoria Pratt in Turbulence (2016) (aka: Flight 192 | Deadly Departure)

The thing is that "Turbulence" isn't complex as basically it is all about how Sarah is going to save her family whilst stuck on a plane. Unfortunately whilst the scenario makes it interesting it is a case that some elements end up predictable; we have a plucky son, some end up typical; an agent sent to check on the husband isn't suspicious of his alarmed state, and some parts are simply unbelievable; as in the ending of "Turbulence" . Yet there is a sense of tension to all this and it is mostly that rather than expecting any real originality or believable developments which keeps you watching.

There is another reason why "Turbulence" keeps you watching and that is the combined talents of Dina Meyer and Victoria Pratt. Both actresses play their parts well but once again Victoria Pratt shows how good she is it at playing it evil and delivers those looks which make you think that she is going to get her own back on someone. Unfortunately whilst Dina Meyer and Victoria Pratt certainly help to make "Turbulence" watch-able once again the writing of their characters and others is not without issue, making all the characters a little unbelievable and forgettable.

What this all boils down to is that "Turbulence" ended up better than I had expected it to be and whilst certainly not without its issues is a lot more watch-able than your usual Lifetime movie.