Twice Upon a Christmas (2001) Kathy Ireland, John Dye, Mary Donnelly-Haskell, Kirsten Prout Movie Review

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Kathy Ireland in Twice Upon a Christmas (2001)

Once more into the Christmas Breach Dear Friends

When I watched "Once Upon a Christmas" I said it was a children's Christmas movie and only a children's Christmas movie as it was incredibly corny. Despite that I decided to watch the sequel "Twice Upon a Christmas" just to see if it was better or worse, but most certainly with no expectations of being entertained. Well in a way I am glad to report that I feel exactly the same way about "Twice Upon a Christmas" as I did with "Once Upon a Christmas", this is a corny, cutesy Christmas movie for children and only for children.

A year after saving Christmas by turning the Morgan's from appearing on the naughty list to one on the nice list and giving up her place at the North Pole, Kristen Claus (Kathy Ireland) is very happy with her new family especially as Bill has asked her to marry him. But at the North Pole her sister Rudolfa (Mary Donnelly-Haskell) is up to her old tricks again and is secretly selling off parts of the North Pole and scheming to turn it into a Casino. Whilst Kristen gave up her life at the North Pole she returns with Brittany (Kirsten Prout) and Kyle (James Kirk) to try and save Christmas once again.

Mary Donnelly-Haskell in Twice Upon a Christmas (2001)

Ironically I watched "Twice Upon a Christmas" just a few days after "Once Upon a Christmas" yet I had forgotten what the first movie was about and I know that will be the same with this sequel. That doesn't mean it is bad because this storyline with Bill proposing to Kristen but Kristen being unable to remember who she is, losing her memory when she gave up her past, as well as Rudolfa's scheming is perfect for young children. It still has that extremely corny mixed with cutesy styling and some daft storylines which should entertain young children.

Is there anything else to say, well Mary Donnelly-Haskell is once again every bit a pantomime villain as Rudolfa and Kathy Ireland is still attractive as ever as Kristen. The one really noticeable change is that Douglas Campbell who played Santa Claus has been replaced by Matthew Walker and it is a good switch as Walker has a gentler nature about him. There is also no Liz Torres as the Tooth fairy either this time which to be honest whilst the character was amusing for children during the first movie it was annoying for adults.

What this all boils down to is that "Twice Upon a Christmas" is to be honest on par with "Once Upon a Christmas" which means this is a movie for children with its corny, pantomime styling but not so much for a grown up.

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