Twist of Fate (2016) Cassie Steele, Ryan Kennedy, Karissa Tynes, Andrew Francis Movie Review

Twist of Fate (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Twist of Fate (2016)

The Auto Call Girl

When Kelly (Cassie Steele) finds herself in an embarrassing car accident the auto call emergency service attached to the car rings up to help. On the end of the phone is Jeff (Ryan Kennedy) a widow who has only just started working for the phone line operator and calmly chats to Kelly till she frees herself. In those few minutes they form a real bond as they both open up to each other. When later on Kelly decides to call the emergency service to try and talk to Jeff or get his details she learns that the numbers are patched through to available operators which could be in any part of the country. Despite this there is something about that first call which neither can forget.

As I sit here setting about writing a review of "Twist of Fate" I found myself distracted by a lot of cliches from each Kelly & Jeff's friends who initially don't get on to character types as we have a man who is struggling to move on after the loss of his wife. In a way it grounds "Twist of Fate" in the realms of a TV movie as does a lot of humour as we have confusions and people tricking their way on dates and so on which makes this one of those movies which is in the easy watching category which might come across as corny for those who don't do easy to watch.

But what stands out for me about "Twist of Fate" is that basic idea of the auto call where in a moment of crisis Kelly and Jeff on the other end of the phone connect but of course meeting each other is a path full of issues, confusion and a lot more typical stuff. But there is something genuinely romantic about this idea and with that coming early on it keeps you watching through all the cliche stuff and the few too many twists and turns which litter the way to happiness.

What this all boils down to is that "Twist of Fate" whilst full of the typical stuff you find in many a made for TV romantic comedy it does have some soul when it comes to the characters and a simple but beautiful set up which draws you in movie than anything else.