Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016) Cindy Busby, Ryan Paevey, Frances Fisher, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Tammy Gillis, Sarah Desjardins, Ryan Kennedy, Ty Wood, Courtney Richter, Lini Evans, Ken Tremblett Movie Review

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Ryan Paevey in Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016)

Darcy's Going to the Dogs

Elizabeth Scott (Cindy Busby - A Puppy For Christmas) loves two things in life; teaching and looking after her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which she has entered in a dog show. Both things don't go well as at the dog show she meets judge Donovan Darcy (Ryan Paevey - Harvest Love) who she feels is abrasive, snobbish and condescending whilst she finds herself losing her job when a parent takes exception to her refusing to take a bribe to pass their son. But when one door closes another one opens and Elizabeth heads to New York where she has been offered the job of being a dog handler, except she finds herself living across the street from Donovan. Despite others seeing that the two of them clearly have chemistry, both Elizabeth and Donovan are obstinate enough to try and ignore each other.

"A modern day spin on Pride & Prejudice" those were the words which I kept on finding as I looked for information on "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" and maybe for those who are fans of "Pride & Prejudice" will enjoy the references within this Hallmark movie. But for me what I got was an extremely typical Hallmark romantic comedy packed full of cliches as we have initial antagonism making way for romance, the handsome man's girlfriend who has claws for nails as well as the wicked Aunt who looks down her nose at those not on the same social step as them. I could go on because "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" is a movie packed to the rafters with familiarity, although at the same time, in an almost pantomime sort of way, it works.

Cindy Busby in Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016)

As for anything else, well "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" is typical Hallmark and as such it has a pleasant looking cast who are enjoyable in their roles. But what "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" does is to play the dog card and anyone who is fond of puppies and King Charles Spaniels will more than likely find themselves being charmed by the various scenes involving dogs which litter this movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" is a pleasant, light hearted Hallmark movie, a fantasy romantic comedy which for some will be an enjoyable twist on Pride & Prejudice whilst for others it will more likely be some more cliche filled Hallmark fun.