Wedding Planner Mystery (2014) Erica Durance, Andrew W. Walker, Brandon Beemer, Rick Ravanello, Julian Christopher Movie Review

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Erica Durance in Wedding Planner Mystery (2014)

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Wedding planner, Carnegie Kincaid (Erica Durance - Beyond Sherwood Forest) finds herself being questioned by the police when one of the bridesmaids, at a wedding she organized, dies driving away in a fit of rage having been drinking. Upset that the wedding didn't go perfectly and her professional name tarnished Carnegie starts snooping around bringing her in to contact with Aaron Gold (Andrew W. Walker - Penthouse North), a reporter, who she doesn't like. Then there is also hard-boiled detective orden (Rick Ravanello - Sole Custody) and also Holt Walker (Brandon Beemer), a handsome lawyer. Whilst she tries to uncover the truth of what really happened and finding herself fearing for her life, Carnegie also finds herself dealing with the fact that her idea of the perfect man may not be who her perfect man really is.

From cooks to garage sale shoppers it seems that everyone is either a crime solver or has a case of not knowing when to keep their nose out of things. As such "Wedding Planner Mystery" is just another one of these made for TV movies where we get a civilian who turns amateur detective when a crime happens in connection with their business. Unfortunately there are so many of these movies that it is already a crowded market and as "Wedding Planner Mystery" doesn't bringing anything really new to the mix it is one of those made for TV movies which you put on and end up not really watching or at least not completely focussing on.

What it means is that you can split "Wedding Planner Mystery" into the usual elements starting with Erica Durance playing an attractive go getter who has an air of determination about her. We then get a series of handsome men who provide potential romance for our determined young woman and of course that romance doesn't necessary fit with her vision of her perfect man. And finally we get the crime solving which typically has Carnegie ending up in danger but as I said none of it is that amazing and it fails to really grab your attention.

What this all boils down to is that "Wedding Planner Mystery" is sadly just another Nancy Drew style amateur detective movie and this one doesn't do a good enough job of standing out from a quickly becoming crowded genre to be anything more than barely average.

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