Wedding Wonderland (2017) Movie Review

Wedding Wonderland (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Nick Bateman and Andrea Bowen in Wedding Wonderland (2017)

A Winter Wedding

Hallie Reynolds (Andrea Bowen - After the Fall) and Lucas Pierce (Nick Bateman - The Hazing Secret) have it all planned as after a romantic proposal in the snowy woods near his parents they plan to have a wedding in the tropics, as that is what Hallie always wanted. Trouble is that with Lucas' parents are snowy mountain people whilst Hallie's parents are social city people who love the sun, so nothing is simple when they try to please both. On top of that Lucas' parents are considering turning their home in to a health spa which upsets Lucas, whilst their reservation for the wedding in the summer gets cancelled. It means that everything they planned gets completely changed and now they are going to have to have a different wedding. It leaves Hallie torn over what she wants whilst she learns a secret which causes her to question what she wants even more.

In fairness "Wedding Wonderland" doesn't actually mention Christmas, although it is kind of packaged with other Christmas movies when it comes to being shown on TV, but instead it uses a beautiful location in the snowy mountains for a bit of a troubled wedding scenario. What sort of a troubled wedding; well you have the bride to be's mother feeling disgruntled that the dream wedding she and her daughter wanted is not the one that is happening. You have the bride to be trying to keep the peace when all she wants in a perfect wedding and of course along with a few other issues of the heart things don't go smoothly and there is plenty of conflict which leads to arguments, misunderstandings and of course everything ending up in jeopardy.

As such there is some thing a little familiar to "Wedding Wonderland" right down to some of the sub plots from Lucas's brother flirting with Hallie's best friend to her mum scowling at her own husband for helping put on a winter wedding. The thing about "Wedding Wonderland" is that most movies like this would play on the comic nature of the chaos and conflict where this tries to be more thoughtful and focusing on being a light drama. Trouble is that it doesn't quite grab you as a drama and in fact at times almost goes off the rails with a musical scene of sorts.

What this all boils down to is that I am not entirely sure how I feel about "Wedding Wonderland" as it is a pleasant enough movie with a nice look, the sort of picture perfect look which ends up being more entertaining than the actual drama of the troubled wedding. But it just fails to really grab you and pull you in to the wedding chaos.