Welcome to Christmas (2018) (aka: The Trouble with Christmas) Eric Mabius, Jennifer Finnigan, Jovanna Burke, Sarah Edmondson, Taylor Hastings, James Kirk, Payton Lepinski, Lauren McNamara Movie Review

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Eric Mabius and Jennifer Finnigan in Welcome to Christmas (2018) (aka: The Trouble with Christmas)

Christmas in Christmas, Colorado

Resort developer Madison Lane (Jennifer Finnigan - Angel of Christmas) believes the best location for her boss to build his next ski resort is Mountain Park but thanks to the boss's son she finds herself reluctantly having to go to Christmas, Colorado to do due diligence on the area as he believes it would be a better location. But on her way to Christmas she manages to run in to the town's boundary sign which is how she meets Gage McBride (Eric Mabius - Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas), the town's sheriff. Despite having planned to just show up for a meeting and go through the motions, Madison finds herself have to stay in Christmas whilst her car is fixed. With the town really wanting the investment of a ski resort Gage, a widow with two daughters, finds himself showing Madison the town and the festivities as everyone in town goes above and beyond to convince her that their town should be chosen. But as Madison falls in love with the charm of Christmas she questions whether they should just stay a charming town.

As I write this review Christmas day is just a couple of days away and as normal my last few weeks have generally seen me focusing on reviewing Christmas movies, some of which have been Hallmark Christmas movies. Whilst there have been a couple of these Christmas movies which have stood out from the crowd "Welcome to Christmas", which is also known as "The Trouble with Christmas" is not one of them despite the appealing casting of Eric Mabius and Jennifer Finnigan. This is a Christmas movie which sadly feels like it is going through the motions and you are waiting for Madison and Gage to end up together.

The thing is that all the bits of "Welcome to Christmas" works on their own. Eric Mabius and Jennifer Finnigan, along with the rest of the cast, all look good and play their parts well. The bounty of Christmas decorations, which coat the town, are beautiful and the little bit of depth to the story surrounding not just the resort but also Gage's teen daughter being a bit temperamental are all good as well. But the whole thing just doesn't quite gel and so the end result is just an ordinary Hallmark Christmas movie.

What this all boils down to is that if you enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies you will enjoy "Welcome to Christmas" but this isn't one which has that extra sprinkling of Christmas magic to make it stand out from the crowd.

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