We'll Meet Again (2002) starring Laura Leighton, Brandy Ledford, Gedeon Burkhard, Andrew Jackson, Anne Openshaw, Paula Shaw, Michael Eklund directed by Michael Storey Movie Review

We'll Meet Again (2002)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Laura Leighton and Brandy Ledford in We'll Meet Again (2002)

Haven't We Met Before

"We'll Meet Again" is another one of those adaptations of a Mary Higgins Clark story and as such it would be fair to say that we are on familiar territory here. The storyline maybe different but the basic set up of murder, an innocent victim, a strong female character and a lot of people who could have done it is basically the same elements which have gone into a lot of these movies and not just those which have been adapted from May Higgins Clark's stories because in general they are components of a lot of TV movies. It means that "We'll Meet Again" becomes a movie which you tend not to follow too closely, enjoying the pretty stars, enjoying the various suggestions of who may have done it and then wait for it all to be resolved in one final dramatic moment.

Having spent 6 years in jail for the murder of her husband Molly Lasch (Brandy Ledford) is released and is determined to clear her name. It brings her back in to touch with Fran Simmons (Laura Leighton) who as an investigative journalist returns to her hometown to investigate whether her old High School friend Molly is innocent. As they work together to try and piece together what was going on 6 years earlier they not only uncover a lot of secrets but also come across those who would prefer for them both to keep quiet.

So as already mentioned "We'll Meet Again" is a familiar movie but not because the story is a remake or rehash but because the setup is formulaic. I've lost track of the number of these TV movies which feature a strong female character, normally a lawyer but in this case a journalist and for all the mystery surrounding the hospital where Molly's husband worked it is a case of Fran uncovering the truth and putting herself in danger in doing so. There is nothing wrong with that, this formula obviously appeals to a demographic but it does mean that you tend not to concentrate too much on what happens despite there being several people who we are introduced to who could have been the killer. It is because we have a variety of suspects that it keeps you semi interested because you are left wondering how they can link them to other murders which occur.

What this also means is that "We'll Meet Again" is again a movie which relies heavily on the appeal of the cast and in fairness both Laura Leighton and Brandy Ledford are appealing and try to make their characters interesting. It is hard to do when in truth both the characters of Molly and Fran are walking, talking cliches but then every character from Edna the suspicious maid to Nick the aggressive doctor is just as much of a cliche.

What this all boils down to is that "We'll Meet Again" is nothing more than just another middle of the road TV movie adapted from a Mary Higgins Clark story. It may have a different storyline but it sticks to a recognizable formula with recognizable characters which in the end makes it forgettable.