When Angels Come to Town (2004) Peter Falk, Katey Sagal, Tammy Blanchard, Seann Gallagher Movie Review

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Peter Falk in When Angels Come to Town (2004)

Falk Brings Christmas to the Max

When Max (Peter Falk) goes in to Vic Marino's (Harry Standjofski) independent store he does so as he plans to help Sally Reid (Tammy Blanchard) and in doing so opens a whole can of worms. You see Max was sent down to help Karl Hoffman (Seann Gallagher) whose family glass blowing business, which his father started, is on the verge of closure due to his father refusing to move with the times. But Max got the addresses mixed up and gave a box to Sally who in reality needs help as when her parents died her little brother was put in to foster care and unless she has stable work he can't come and live with her. Because of Max's mistake Jo (Katey Sagal) is sent down to sort out the mess but it leads to both needy families getting help.

Two things, I think I need to mention just two things in this review of "When Angels Come to Town". The first of which is the mystery as we have this box with the initials FE engraved on it. It is this box which links the characters of Sally, Harry and his father and will eventually bring the salvation which both Harry and Sally need, be it Harry's struggling business or Sally's family issues. It is shall we say typical but in this case typical is not a bad thing as this whole mystery side to "When Angels Come to Town" has a floaty, warm Christmassy tone which with lovely blown glass decorations and Christmas window displays delivers exactly what I hope for from a sentimental Christmas movie.

The other thing is of course the characters and Peter Falk delivering that glint in the eye mischievous of an angel who has seen it all and knows everything will work out for the good is wonderful. It is such a wonderfully fun but warm performance that it makes you wish you had your own Max in your life. But then there is Katey Sagal as Jo a busy body angel official who discovers that being an angel on Earth is not easy when she gets her head turned by Harry. Between Falk, who even dresses as a woman at one point, and Sagal they make this movie but both Tammy Blanchard and Seann Gallagher bring the movie plenty of likeability.

What this all boils down "When Angels Come to Town" is one of those warm Christmas movies which combines a bit of mystery with a beautiful Christmas look but also, and most importantly, Peter Falk delivering a fun performance as a mischievous angel, Max.

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