When Vows Break (2019) (aka: A Wedding to Die For) Christa B. Allen, Danielle C. Ryan, Jacob Young, Jaleel White, Sam Boxleitner, Maxine Bahns, Briana Cap Movie Review

When Vows Break (2019)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Danielle C. Ryan in When Vows Break (2019) (aka: A Wedding to Die For)

Death Becomes Her

Despite her sister, Ella (Christa B. Allen - Deadly Sibling Rivalry), saying she has everything under control, Lydia (Danielle C. Ryan) is concerned that she is going to marry Tolan (Jacob Young - Imaginary Friend) despite the fact he has a volatile side. It doesn't help matters that during a bachelorette party a palm reader warned Ella that there is trouble ahead involving dark water. So when Lydia receives a call from Tolan, during their honeymoon, to say that Ella is suspected of falling overboard on the boat as she has disappeared, Lydia immediately thinks that he must have killed her and even confronts him with the claim. But Lydia finds herself conflicted when she receives an amulet which brings her back to the palm reader.

I will say right up front this review of "When Vows Break", which is also known as "A Wedding to Die For", contains a spoiler and if you don't want to know then give the movie a shot. Now what I am going to reveal actually comes at the end of the first half of the movie and that is that Ella faked her death, plans to live in secret in Argentina and knows that her sister will have a big insurance pay out coming to her. Truth be told it wasn't such a surprise when this reveal came as you don't have Christa B. Allen in a movie and bump her off after just a few scenes.

So, whilst "When Vows Break" has a pretty routine blame game first half as Lydia wants to prove Tolan is guilty the real story starts in the second half as Lydia has to deal with everything. We have her dealing with the cops who she had gone to, we have Lydia questioning whether Ella lied to her about how bad Tolan was and whether framing him for a fake murder is fair. We also have her wondering how much Ella lied to her when she learns she had been planning her fake death for a long time. It makes it a movie which certainly takes you down an interest storyline path with plenty of angles but as so often is the case the acting frequently lets this down with the almost robotic delivery of lines which doesn't ring true.

What this all boils down to is that "When Vows Break" certainly serves up something a bit different to what you might be expecting and has some clever writing when it comes to consequences of actions. But there is so much of the movie which is routine, especially the acting which doesn't do the storyline justice.