Woman on the Run (2017) Sarah Butler, Matthew MacCaull, Jim Thorburn, Lindsay Maxwell, Karen Holness, Josh Byer Movie Review

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Sarah Butler in Woman on the Run (2017)

Nomi's Nightmare Nanny

Nomi Gardner (Sarah Butler - Nightmare Nurse), a successful novelist, has been living the life of a hermit whilst she has been writing her latest book with only her family, the children's nanny, Greta (Lindsay Maxwell), and her mentor being involved in her life. But with the book completed Nomi and her husband, Mark (Jim Thorburn - Who Killed My Husband?), their children along with their nanny book in to a hotel as Mark is due to attend a conference. Unfortunately shortly after arriving at the hotel Nomi is attacked and when she comes around she finds herself in a car filling up with exhaust fumes and according to the paperwork it has been rented by Greta. But that is not the worst of it as when Nomi heads to the hotel the staff call her Greta and her husband Mark says she is Greta and she was the nanny till they fired her for attacking his wife. Now with no idea why Mark would do this and with her own identity stolen she must try and find a way to get back what is hers and maybe Oscar (Matthew MacCaull - Heart Felt), a friendly bellhop, can help.

"Woman on the Run" is a curious movie because it starts with a big impact as we have Nomi waking up in a car to discover someone has tried to kill her, then she finds her nanny has stolen her identity and her husband is actually in on it. But then it sort of meanders off a little as we get in to the sneaking around part of the story as Nomi tries to work out what is going on whilst not being seen. Yes there are some revelations during this section as in what the motive for stealing her identity is and we also have a heavy who is working for Mark and Greta who has been hired to kill Nomi and anyone who may know her. But as I said there is a middle part to "Woman on the Run" which seems to struggle for originality, although it does mean that the final third comes in with a big bang as the drama ramps up and the story takes a few surprising and outrageous turns.

What that means is that in truth "Woman on the Run" is full of flaws with there being various gaps in the logic although it is what you expect from a TV movie which doesn't have the time or money to fill in the gaps. And of course it also features an attractive lead with Sarah Butler bringing plenty of energy to the role. In fact Sarah Butler does a nice job of making her character's desperate situation attention grabbing even if some of the scenes and developments seem a little too outrageous. On the subject of which Lindsay Maxwell certainly brings out the psychotic side of her character quite brilliantly.

What this all boils down to is that "Woman on the Run" is on one hand full of holes, like many other TV movies, but the series of revelations and some outrageous drama makes this entertaining, especially for those of us who like the easy to watch nature of TV movies.