You Belong to Me (2008) Shannon Elizabeth, Andrew Kenneth Martin, Christian Campbell Movie Review

You Belong to Me (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Shannon Elizabeth in You Belong to Me (2008)

Infatuation Never Dies

The night before she is due to head off on business Alex Wilson (Shannon Elizabeth) is woken by a noise in her house and when she discovers a huge toy teddy in her son's bedroom she is convinced that her former husband has broken a restraining order and is stalking her. But when the police prove that it isn't her ex husband Alex begins to suspect that maybe new work colleague Michael (Christian Campbell) might be to blame as not only is he obviously keen on her but Alex's boyfriend Chris (Andrew Kenneth Martin) ends up hurt in an accident. But things take a surprising turn which throws everything Alex thought was happening on its head when strange things started to happen in her home.

Having watched "You Belong to Me" I am beginning to wonder whether this movie was still being written whilst the movie was being shot as it simply starts off as one thing and ends up something else. First it seems to be about an ex husband causing trouble for his former wife who is the mother of his son and you think well ordinary but okay. But then we discover that the stalking is Alex's new colleague who clearly has a thing for her. In fairness it doesn't tell you immediately that he is the one behind the stalking and accident which befalls Alex's boyfriend Chris but it doesn't take long to make it clear. And again you think okay so a little routine but it could be okay except then the story serves up a twist when something happens to Alex and frankly it made me think what were they thinking even though when you think about it there are clues.

The thing is that beyond how "You Belong to Me" ends up playing out there is not a lot else to say. Shannon Elizabeth is an incredibly likeable actress and at times this movie seems to be over reliant on that to make you keep watching. On top of that she is also an attractive actress and as such there are a few scenes which play on this as well. But with the character of Alex not having the most depth she does end up forgettable as do all the characters in this movie.

What this all boils down to is that "You Belong to Me" is not a good movie even when you take in to consideration that it is a made for TV thriller. Truth be told if it wasn't for Shannon Elizabeth being likeable I would have probably rated this movie worse than I have.