You Instead (2011) starring Luke Treadaway, Mathew Baynton, Natalia Tena, Kari Corbett, Clare Kelly, Cora Bisset, Sophie Wu, Joseph Mydell directed by David Mackenzie Movie Review

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Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena in You Instead (2011) (aka: Tonight You're Mine)

Love in Chains

Are you a festival goer, do you enjoy getting muddy at Glastonbury or rocking it out at Reading, if so you will probably love "You Instead" or "Tonight You're Mine" as it is also known as it captures the atmosphere of a music festival. But if you're not into the whole music festival scene then "You Instead" is not do good, in fact it is a bit of a slog with a storyline built around the old cliche of opposite sex enemies forced to work together and by the end of it being romantically involved. I say slog because in this 80 minute movie there are some cracking scenes and one featuring a performance of "Tainted Love" is great but then a lot of what goes on in between is festival atmosphere and for those not into it are left waiting for the next moment and that makes it hard work.

Rival singers Adam (Luke Treadaway - Attack the Block) and Morello (Natalia Tena - About a Boy) find themselves fighting whilst attending T in the Park. But they also find themselves handcuffed together when a mysterious and energetic man decides to bring them together and run. Forced to work together Adam and Morello not only have to deal with every day things but also performing.

Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena in You Instead (2011) (aka: Tonight You're Mine)

So when it comes to story "You Instead" is not original, forget the whole festival situation and what you have is the often used story of enemies ending up romantically involved when forced together. As such after the slightly cheesy start which ends with Adam and Morello handcuffed together you know what is to come, from issues with their partners unhappy with the situation to toilet stops and of course playing on stage. You even know how it will all end up with a few ups and downs and romantic gestures as things don't run smoothly despite falling for each other.

But the irony is whilst none of it is original it actually works, the characters of Adam and Morello grow on you as a couple, they almost seem well suited to each other by the time the movie ebbs its way to a predictable climax. And in amongst a lot of festival scenes there are some genuinely funny scenes. I've already mentioned the "Tainted Love" scene which is the best scene in the movie but there is also fun scenes surrounding sleeping arrangements.

But the thing about "You Instead" is that it feels like a movie made with a set group of people in mind, those who love music festivals. A big part of the movie is bringing that energy and atmosphere of a music festival to the screen and whilst I'm not into the festival scene it does a good job. From quirky characters, energetic dancing in front of the stage, the mud, the tents, the little groups singing you can almost smell the onions and burgers it does such a great job which is not a huge surprise seeing that this was filmed at T in the Park.

With that in mind it has to be said that the small crew and cast do a great job of delivering this raw movie in a real situation. Yes there is a lot of general festival shots but they still manage to interweave the story at the same time. And Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena work well together because whilst extreme, almost self obsessed characters you grow to like them.

What this all boils down to is that "You Instead" is really a movie for those who love music festivals because it is a big part of the atmosphere. And sadly for those who don't it is a bit of a slog which strangely is still worth watching because not only are their some great scenes but to film this simple, raw movie at a real festival was brave but it pays off.