Movie Trailer for 3000 Miles To Graceland (2001) starring Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, Courteney Cox, Christian Slater, Kevin Pollak, David Arquette, Jon Lovitz, Bokeem Woodbine, Ice-T directed by Damien Lichtenstein Movie Review

3000 Miles To Graceland (2001)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for 3000 Miles To Graceland

It's Elvis week in Vegas and the casinos are swarming with all sorts of Elvis Impersonators. For Thomas Murphy (Kevin Costner - For Love of the Game) and his band of diverse outlaws, it provides a good cover for an audacious, all guns blazing, robbery. Unfortunately the group of robbers quarrel over dividing up their ill gotten gains, and Murphy gets greedy and tries to kill the rest of the gang. However, electronics whiz, Michael Zane (Kurt Russell - Executive Decision), survives and with the help of his greedy lover, they set off in search of Murphy for their share of the booty. ... Read Review