Movie Trailer for A Time to Dance (2016) Jennie Garth, Dan Payne, Corbin Bernsen, Chanelle Peloso, Andrew Jenkins, Mackenzie Mowat, Markian Tarasiuk, Jay Hindle, Daniel Bacon Movie Review

A Time to Dance (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for A Time to Dance

Abby (Jennie Garth - Holidaze) and John (Dan Payne - A Mother's Suspicion) were high school sweethearts, and back then Abby dreamed of being a successful writer whilst John planned on a professional football career. Whilst they ended up staying together, getting married and having children Abby ended up a restaurant critic for a local newspaper whilst John ended up coaching high school football with everyone thinking they have the perfect marriage. Truth is that the romance is gone and when their daughter Nicole (Chanelle Peloso - The Haunting of Briar House) returns home from college they plan to tell their children that they are getting divorced. But before they can hold a family meeting Nicole announces she is getting married and so rather than spoil things for their daughter they decide to postpone plans to divorce till after her wedding. But maybe spending time with Nicole and being near young love will remind them about why they got married in the first place. ... Read Review