Movie Trailer for A Walk to Remember (2002) starring Shane West, Mandy Moore, Peter Coyote, Daryl Hannah, Paz de la Huerta, Nicholas Sparks adaptation directed by Adam Shankman Movie Review

A Walk to Remember (2002)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for A Walk to Remember

In the coastal North Carolinian town of Beaufort, school rebel Michael Landon (Shane West - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) finds himself in trouble when a prank goes dangerously wrong. As punishment he is forced to help out with after school activities and also appear in the end of year play. Thrown together with Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore - The Princess Diaries), the beautifully angelic yet slightly dowdy daughter of the town's minister, Landon's rebel with out a care attitude slowly fades as a romantic spark forms between them, but romance is never straight forwards. ... Read Review

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