Movie Trailer for Absolute Zero (2006) Jeff Fahey, Erika Eleniak, Bill Dow, Jessica Amlee, Michael Ryan, Fred Ewanuick, Britt Irvin, Matthew Walker, William MacDonald Movie Review

Absolute Zero (2006)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Absolute Zero

Scientist and climate expert David Koch (Jeff Fahey - Icon) has uncovered that the last Ice Age was caused by a shift in the planet's polarity and after a trip to the Arctic to consult on a discovery he is convinced we are on the verge of another Ice Age. But of course despite his expertise no one is listening to his warnings and so when Miami turns from a summer paradise to a winter wonderland everything is thrown into turmoil. The only hope for David is if he, his old girlfriend Bryn (Erika Eleniak - Second to Die) along with a few others make it to a special chamber at a research centre before temperatures plummet to absolute zero. ... Read Review