Movie Trailer for Amber Alert (2016) Alaina Huffman, Kyle Mac, Damon Runyan, Scott Gibson Movie Review

Amber Alert (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Amber Alert

Amber (Alaina Huffman - Deadly Voltage) is good at her job as a detective even if she does break the rules every now and then in order to get the job done, something which unfortunately lead to her last negotiation going bad. But being a detective and a single mum doesn't always go hand in hand especially when her ex-husband makes life difficult for her by claiming palimony, having given up his career before they got divorced to be a stay at home dad. But Amber finds herself dealing with Calum (Kyle Mac - My Daughter Must Live), a young man desperate for money to pay for his mum's medical care and to do so has taken a bus full of children hostage. ... Read Review