Movie Trailer for Angel Face (1952) starting Robert Mitchum, Jean Simmons, Mona Freeman, Herbert Marshall, Leon Ames, Barbara O'Neil, Kenneth Tobey directed by Otto Preminger Movie Review

Angel Face (1952)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Angel Face

When ambulance driver Frank Jessup (Robert Mitchum) attends a call out he finds Mrs. Catherine Tremayne (Barbara O'Neil) in her bed recovering from gas poisoning, a suspected suicide attempt despite her claims that someone tried to kill her. But it is there that he meets her step-daughter Diane (Jean Simmons) who takes a shine to Frank and persuades him to quit his job and come and be their live in chauffeur. But Frank becomes suspicious of Diane who is becoming obsessed with him and after an accident causes the death of Catherine and Diane's father Charles (Herbert Marshall) he decides he needs to leave but Diane is not letting him go anywhere. ... Read Review