Movie Trailer for CAT. 8 (2013) Matthew Modine, Maxim Roy, Ted Whittall, Trevor Hayes, Kate Drummond, Kalinka Petrie, Spiro Malandrakis Movie Review

CAT. 8 (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for CAT. 8

When the Pentagon wanted to use Dr. Michael Ranger's (Matthew Modine - The Trial) solar research as part of a new weapons system he not only walked away from the project but did his best to destroy it. But the fragmented pieces of his research are pieced together and thanks to Defence Secretary Brian Lee's (Ted Whittall - Flicka 2) eagerness to trial the new weapon of destruction, which harnesses the power of the sun, a major disaster starts as the sun shoots out massive solar flares which cause satellites and space stations to hurtle back towards earth. The only man who can save the world is Michael but Lee's dislike of him and what he knows makes things difficult. But things get worse when after preventing one disaster it has a knock on effect of causing another as the Earth's core stops spinning. ... Read Review