Movie Trailer for Chain Letter (2009) starring Madison Bauer, Phil Austin, Nikki Reed, Michael Bailey Smith directed by Deon Taylor Movie Review

Chain Letter (2009)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Chain Letter

A psycho targets those who decide not to forward on an electronic chain mail letter which is doing the rounds. That is a version of the one line synopsis which I came across on more than one occasion whilst looking into the horror movie "Chain Letter". Now let me give you a different take starting with an opening scene which in between some tedious shower footage sees someone being chained and gaffa taped in a room. Next thing we know, two people are leaving home driving out of their drive in separate cars unaware that a person is chained to their cars and with the music pumping, well use your imagination as we have a scene which promises much for those who enjoy their horror on the gory side. ... Read Review