Movie Trailer for Christmas Comes Home to Canaan (2011) (aka: Christmas Returns to Canaan) Billy Ray Cyrus, Gina Holden, Emily Tennant Movie Review

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Christmas Comes Home to Canaan

Following on from Rodney (Matt Ward) explaining to Daniel (Billy Ray Cyrus) and Bobber (Liam James) that a back surgeon would like to try and help Bobber with his disability, father and son head to San Francisco where Bobber has second thoughts when he learns that an operation could make things worse as well as better. But thanks to physiotherapist Briony Adair (Gina Holden - Final Destination 3) Bobber agrees to have the op. It is also Briony who brings a smile to Daniel's face as they get close and start dating but having invited her to spend Christmas with the family back in Canaan things don't go well as Sarah (Emily Tennant) struggles having another woman in the home. ... Read Review

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