Movie Trailer for Christmas in Wonderland (2007) Chris Kattan, Carmen Electra, Tim Curry, Patrick Swayze Movie Review

Christmas in Wonderland (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Christmas in Wonderland

Christmas is coming and the Saunders family have just moved to Edmonton, well that is Wayne (Patrick Swayze) and his three kids as his wife Judy (Rachel Hayward) is stuck in L.A. and can't get a flight out. With Wayne finding out the job he relocated the family for has gone and his two sons not bothered by Christmas it is just 6 year old Mary (Amy Schlagel, Zoe Schlage) who is in the mood for Christmas. Despite this Wayne takes the kids to the mall to get stuff for Christmas and whilst there 12 year old Brian (Matthew Knight) and Mary come across a bag of counterfeit money and go on a major Christmas spending spree. But that just leads to trouble as not only are the crooks trying to find the kids but also the Canadian Mounties. ... Read Review

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