Movie Trailer for Comanche Station (1960) starring Randolph Scott, Nancy Gates, Claude Akins, Skip Homeier, Richard Rust, Rand Brooks, Dyke Johnson directed by Budd Boetticher Movie Review

Comanche Station (1960)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Comanche Station

Having learnt of a white woman taken captive by Comanches, lone cowboy Jefferson Cody (Randolph Scott - Westbound) puts his life in danger to trade with the Commanches for her release not even knowing who she is. But it turns out that there are other men interested in the release of this white woman, Nancy Lowe (Nancy Gates), including Ben Lane (Claude Akins - Return of the Seven) an Outlaw who wants the $5000 reward for her return. Having ended up travelling together Cody realises that trouble may not only come in the shape of angry Indians but also Lane who he has known for some time. ... Read Review